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The drama is set in a rural town in County Kerry, Ireland, that is overrun by a Hollywood film crew. The play centres around two friends, Charlie Conlon and Jake Quinn, employed as extras on the film. Charlie has aspirations to get his script made into a movie. Jake has recently returned from New York and is mesmerised, along with everyone else, by the star of the movie, Caroline. Caroline is a famous, beautiful American movie star that fails to ever successfully conquer the Irish accent. Caroline and the other American crew members do not attempt to accurately portray the town and people and only care about finishing the movie on time.
Most of the locals are initially excited at the opportunity to be a part of a major film and distracted by the novelty. However, as the film continues they begin to feel abused and the glamour begins to wear off. After a night in the pub, a local teenager, Sean Harkin, is humiliated by Caroline and thrown out into the street for trying to socialise with her.
Events take a tragic and unexpected turn when Sean commits suicide by drowning himself with stones in his pockets.

Being performed at The Gryphon Theatre, 22 Ghuznee Street, Wellington.
Shows are from 4 - 14 October, at 7.30pm. There are no shows on Sunday or Monday.
Bookings can be made through iTicket. Tickets are from $18 - $25.00.