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Cafe Dement 2

Starred Pip O'Connell, Brianne Kerr, Sophie Dingemans and Kelly Kilgour.

The madness continued....

The tale of a café, its workers and the relationships they form when trying to kill each other. Set a year after the first Demented outing, the café had changed hands and the anal waitress from hell, Janaia, was now in charge. Old boss Tamsin was back from "hospital" and couldn't understand why no-one would let her near the knives, Peter the grumpy ass chef was . . . grumpy and Em the Greenpeace activist had aspirations to stardom !

Set in May in a real Wellington café, (Real Earth Organic Cafe), Café Dement gave an insightful look into café culture and the people that existed within it.

A play by Sam Fisher and Pip O'Connell. Directed by Rodney Bane.

Look for this play in the upcoming Fringe Festival, after this season playing to Comedy Festival audiences.

Cafe Dement 2