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Hunting and Gathering

Backyard Theatre proudly presented the international premiere of Hunting and Gathering by Brooke Berman. Described as When Harry Met Sally for hipsters, this play is a light-hearted look at real estate woes and the "quarter-life crisis".

Ruth is gathering ex-boyfriends and old flats at an alarming rate. Jesse, her latest ex, just bought his first place - alone. Bess wants a man and a flat, preferably as a package deal, and Astor wants to keep couch-surfing until "the right one" comes along. But who will wind up with who, and where will they all live? Hunting and Gathering is a witty romantic comedy for anyone who's ever surfed the TradeMe flat ads and wondered, "Is this it?"

Hunting and Gathering ran from 2 to 12 October at the Gryphon Theatre.

Creative team

Ruth: Harriet Prebble
Astor: Aidan Weekes
Jesse: Dan Pooley
Bess: Libby Wilson
Director: Shannon Friday
Stage Manager: Katerina Schmidt
Producer: Rodney Bane
Sound Designer: Charlotte Crocker
Lighting Designer: Jason Longstaff
Photography: Tanya Piejus
Technical Operator/Goddess: Tessa Alderton

Hunting and Gathering