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By David Lewis and directed by Rodney Bane

Strange images on the fax? 
A dead Okapi in Copenhagen zoo??
Abused blackberries from the freezer??? 
And Ratty from The Wind in the Willows???? 
And who the @*&# is Zoe?????
Does she really have wings??????

For the answers see "Misconceptions" – David Lewis' virtuoso comedy, by turns hilarious and heartbreaking, straight-talking and surreal.

Matthew and Linda are the perfect professional couple: successful, prosperous and happy with their lives together. Now the biological clock is ticking away, and after years of failure, they decide to enlist the help of Matthews' friend Barry.

All together the three persevere with their do-it-yourself fertility clinic, and though the results are still negative, they remain hopeful, until one night events take a totally unexpected turn.

A play about the games we play and why we play them. It explores the topical issues of fertility, our biological place in the world, the way we live our lives today and reveals a very novel use for frozen summer fruits!

Contained some strong language and played at the Gryphon Theatre 13-23 July

Starred: Katrina Baylis, Simon Boyes, Darren Stubbersfield and Anna O'Brien.