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Ships' by actress/playwright Moana Ete.

We find ourselves in a time where environmental extremist group NGA TAMARIKI O TANGAROA are terrorizing the world's seas. Having targeted and conquered the ocean's major threats; fishing ships, oil rigs, whaling boats and tanker ships, their sights have now turned to the tourism industry…

Aboard The Great Australasia Cruise are five dream chasers who left their

respective homes to make money at sea and explore the world. With looming wedding nuptials there is a warm buzz amongst the Great Australasia staff.

However, for fear of losing her best friend to another man, Kaya is not so excited about it. The jealousy and fear of being alone consumes her and triggers her gradual decline.

Be it romantic, kindred, professional, casual, spiritual; this play is about

relationships. Their ease and hardships, their lows and their highs, the greates anguish that comes from the greatest love.

All aboard as we navigate love by the stars!

Dramaturge: Ahi Karunaharan


Moana Ete
Braedyn Togi

Manuel Solomon

Andrew Patterson

Kesava Beaney

Backyard Theatre team

Rodney Bane
Aaron Blackledge

Tessa Alderton

Special Acknowledgment to script mentor, Hone Kouka and everybody at Matariki Development Festival!