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Up the Duff

By Ingrid Sage and Sally Richards, directed by David Austin

A collection of true stories from the 50s to now. A girl finds herself 'in trouble', 'up the duff', 'with a bun in the oven', 'fallen'. What would you do if the stick stripe turned blue and you became 'one of the statistics'? Today we have WINZ Waiting Womb, but in the 50s there was just one option – adoption. And, if certain people had their way, it might be the same again today.

Up the Duff is a solo show that takes a satirical look at the stigmas attached to teenage pregnancy and adoption, and the 'moral danger' of both fertility and infertility in the 1950s and today. Actor Ingrid Berry juggles 12 roles that document the lives of solo mothers, past and present.

The play was first staged during the Fringe 2007 and this return season, as part of a double bill, will showcase Ingrid Berry's versatility to a wider audience in a more 'theatrical' venue. Berry has appeared in 52 Flavours, The Corset Stays, The Comedy of Errors and, most recently, Puss in Boots.