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By Neil LaBute (In The Company of Men, The Mercy Seat, Fat Pig), directed by Pinky Agnew

Meet Edward Carr, adoring father, successful businessman, grieving widower, chain smoker.

Under Agnew's direction, Todd Rippon (Avatar, King Kong, Shortland Street) portrays Carr as a likeable Kiwi businessman, reminiscing as he prepares his wife's eulogy. With humour and honesty, he draws us into his life story, describing his passionate marriage to his beautiful, older wife Mary Jo, whose coffin sits in mute witness.

Like LaBute's other plays, Wrecks comes with a twist. By the time we understand how Edward has pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable in achieving his heart's desire, it's too late - we're already under his spell - just like Mary Jo was.

'Wrecks is bound to be identified by its shock value. But it must also be cherished for the moment-by-moment pleasure of its masterly portraiture. There is not an extraneous syllable in LaBute's enormously moving love story.'

Linda Winer, Newsday